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Biodiversity and Integrated Pest Management - Working together for a sustainable future

Dates: July 4–7, 2013 | Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia Conference: July 4 + 5 | Field trips: July 6 + 7

Venue: Sintesa Peninsula Hotel, Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia Discounted rates will be available at nearby hotels.

Cost: $150 (overseas participants) | $75 (sponsors, overseas students, and Indonesian participants) | $25 (Indonesian students)

M. S. Swaminathan (First World Food Prize laureate)
Tony Whitten (Univ. of Cambridge, Flora & Fauna Int’l)

The Conference:
Balancing biodiversity preservation with food production presents a challenge. If we are to survive as a species, food production is paramount. But the gradual destruction of forests, watersheds, and other natural habitats in order to produce that food could lead to the eventual demise of our natural resource wealth. Integrated Pest Management (IPM), an ecological approach to suppressing pest species, employs tactics that cause the least ecological disruption. There is a need and urgency for proponents of IPM and biodiversity to work together, but they have rarely been considered as partners for a sustainable future. This conference aims to bridge this divide by bringing together these two key groups.

The conference site, North Sulawesi, Indonesia, has long been appreciated for its great biodiversity. Alfred Wallace, the famed 19th century British naturalist, spent considerable time in this region, collecting various kinds of insects and birds throughout the island of Sulawesi, and 2013 represents the 100th anniversary of his death. Many of his ideas on evolution and natural selection, which paralleled those of Charles Darwin, were crystallized from his observations of high speciation in this area.

Learn more. See attached flyer and visit: www.oired.vt.edu/ipmcrsp/biodivipm2013 to submit an abstract and find more information.

Organizers: Dantje Sembel (Sam Ratulangi University, Indonesia) | B. Merle Shepard (Clemson) | R. Muniappan (IPM CRSP/Virginia Tech)

Sponsors: Integrated Pest Management CRSP, IAPPS, USAID, Sustainable Agriculture + Natural Resource Management CRSP, Sam Ratulangi University, Clemson University, Virginia Tech, The Government of Indonesia

www.oired.vt.edu/ipmcrsp/biodivipm2013 | twitter @IPMCRSP | biodivipm2013@gmail.com